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July Journal 2021

Make Your Home the Hottest on the Block with these Outdoor Trends

From warm, inviting color palettes and sustainable gardens to outdoor kitchens and garden gnomes, the 19 hottest trends in 2021 according to Google Trends were all over the board. Other trends that topped the list included bringing indoor vibes outside, coastal rattan furniture, a welcoming front porch, and backyard hot tubs, basketball courts and playsets.1


Before Kicking Back This Summer, Check These Items Off Your Home To-Do List

Summer is upon us, which means time for sunshine, relaxation and maybe even checking a few items off your home improvement to-do list to avoid repair costs in the future. Here are 6 tasks you should complete before laying poolside: Power-wash your house, deck, porch, driveway, and anything else that may need it; Check on your air conditioner by switching out filters and cleaning out the condenser unit; Spruce up your home's exterior by fertilizing grass, trimming shrubs and trees, and inspecting and cleaning siding; Clean ceiling fans and windows; Clear off roof and gutters of debris; and fix or replace exterior doors as needed.2


When Affordable Housing Equals Homeownership

While it is believed that homeownership is only for the financially sound, homeowners typically spend 10% less of their income than those who rent, as detailed in a recent Urban Institute assessment. Unlike rent, mortgage payments typically do not increase, with the only expense changes being insurance and taxes. In addition, annual housing costs will always increase more quickly for renters than homeowners. While rent is 100% consumer spending, homeownership is seen as an investment, and experts believe access to homeownership should be a priority for Americans, including more affordable homes and closing the racial wealth gap.3



Family Pets Play a Big Role in Homeowners' Real Estate Preferences

In a recent survey, 34% of Boomers and 30% of Gen Xers have made changes to their homes specifically for their pets, and 26% of Millennials have created spaces specifically for their pets in their home. Even more so, 20% of Gen Xers indicated they would even bring their pets with them when on the hunt for a home, showing that pets are an important piece of the real estate puzzle for many homeowners.4


2021 Hollywood Trends in the Real Estate Market

Celebrities are known for starting trends, and in real estate it is no exception. Some of the hottest celebrities are buying and selling like the general public. The biggest trends coming out of Hollywood include celebrities moving to the suburbs; investing in unique home upgrades such as sports courts and open spaces that bring the outdoors in; cutting back prices on their homes for sale and buying homes in less popular locations.5


Wish List Items for Homebuyers Shift Due to Pandemic

Since the onset of COVID-19, homebuyer priorities have taken a turn. According to a new® survey, the most sought-after feature was a quiet location, with 28% of buyers making this a priority. The next most important feature was an updated kitchen. Other items that topped the list included a garage, large backyard, outdoor living area, space for pets, updated bathrooms and a home office. The survey also revealed that 65% of buyers were taking extended family into consideration when looking for a house, showing that people want a place that serves multiple purposes, which is fitting since people are spending more time at home.6



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